Developed by Brian Hanley, Master's of Engineering degree candidate at Lehigh University

Making It

Lyrics: BJH_461_Making_It



My Assignment: ”You are required to read Making It: Manufacturing Techniques for Product Design, by Chris Lefteri and Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals, by Rob Thompson. The purpose of having you read these books is to give you some insight into the various manufacturing techniques used in product design and development process. Now it’s your chance to really be creative. Think of a product and how you might use one of these techniques to manufacture it in a new an innovative way. Have fun.” (Professor Marc de Vinck).


My Approach: Rather than applying a manufacturing technique to prototype a tangible product , I created a music video. Though certainly unorthodox, my video suffices, according to the assignment’s constraints. In addition to capturing the industrial spirit of Bethlehem’s SteelStacks (formerly the heart of American manufacturing), I articulate precisely how I’m employing various metal cutting techniques to develop leaner, more cost effective bottle caps.

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